percussionist and drummer, former teacher for drumset / Conservatory of Music Luxembourg-City/ former director of the AGP Drum School, composer

studies: Conservatory of Music LUXEMBOURG, Conservatoire National de Région STRASBOURG  FMW FRANKFURT  / Singing courses and vocal training TRIER

  clinics and workshops with diff. musicians like: Nippy Noya, Martin Verdonk, Daniel Humair, "Changuito", Peter Giger, Kenny Clarke,

concert tours with "Luxembourg Percussion" in Europe, Australia, Japan,

leading clinics and workshops in Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany

member of the national percussion association "Axent" in 2002/2003

performed, recorded with diff. bands and musicians:

Claudio Roditi, Isaac Steiner, Matt Dawson, Michael Urbaniak, Ernesto's Cubop, Deborah Sasson, Network, Luxembourg Percussion, Dicksy- Lentz Band,Tony Schuster & Friends, Challengers (from 1978 to 1986) No Alibi, Ernie Hammes Band, Baby Cham's (from 1990 to 1998), Fascination, Fausti,  Olio Galanti Zilvester Orchester, Salsabor (Salsa Orquesta), Diesel Cover Band, Garlicks Jazz Band, Ginta Fiesta Orchesta, ISME World Orchestra, OPL, Musique Militaire, Ad Libitum, Murphy's Law, Best of, etc...