(around 1980) one of the first concerts with the Percussion Band of the Conservatory, (this ensemble became later "Luxembourg Percussion)


Lalo on drums

"Miles and More"

Al Ginter and Nippi Noya

Spectacle en l'honneur de Leurs Altesses Royales le Grand-Duc et la Grande-Duchesse de Luxembourg

à l'occasion de Leurs Noces d'Argent le 30 juin 2006 au Grand Theâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

Pit Dahm, Lalo Sorbelli, Al Ginter, Michel Meis, Steve Krippler, Pascal Bley, Christophe Maas

performing the piece "25"

Luxembourg Percussion and friends / Concert mat der Militärmusek

Paul Mootz, Al Ginter, Netty Glesener, Carole Weber, Serge Kettenmeyer, Constant Ahles, Jos Christen, Jhonny Frantz†

The Drummers Class Room

Paul Mootz